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LTE Forum 2012 Istanbul/Turkey June 2012

Wrap-up of Conference Chairman
Alan Hadden (GSA)  

Istanbul, June 13th 2012.  LTE Forum 2012 was held in Istanbul on June 5-6, and was a great success. This was the latest of the widely acclaimed series of LTE Forum events which had already been held in Lisbon, Stockholm and Warsaw. The decision by HanseCom Media & Communication to locate their latest LTE Forum in Istanbul was masterful because Turkey is now actively preparing for the introduction of LTE. Turkey is a vibrant and innovative mobile communications market, and historically a country which provides strong signals to the region about market success and key trends.


About the Event

Operators are investing heavily in their networks to ensure the best user experience of mobile broadband services. The efficiencies and performance capabilities of the newest system technologies, particularly HSPA+ and LTE, are attracting serious attention - and not only from the traditional telecoms players, but also from new sectors including aviation, automotive, energy, retail, travel, transportation, content owners and providers, and media. In 2011 the number of commercial LTE networks almost tripled, while the choice of LTE user devices increased even higher. There is increasing global momentum behind LTE. However, there are many countries in which operators have yet to introduce LTE, and in most cases they will have to take that step at some point in order to remain competitive and exploit the technological improvements that LTE delivers.

LTE Forum 2012 focuses on the market successes and challenges, in a fast changing environment where smartphone growth is accelerating not only in the HSPA+ world but also arriving on LTE, with more data hungry applications driving the demand for faster mobile networks, lower latency and lower cost of delivery.

LTE Forum 2012 will cover the key topics including:

  • Continuing expansion of HSPA+ and LTE systems, including into new and re-farmed frequency bands
  • LTE user devices availability and ecosystem
  • Traffic offload strategies, solutions
  • Policy management and control, developing new business models to monetize LTE mobile broadband services
  • HetNet solutions
  • First experiences with LTE TDD - including learnings from combined FDD and TDD networks
  • HD voice becoming mainstream on 3G and 2G networks as a driver for VoLTE
  • Policy control issues - new business plans to monetize LTE/mobile broadband? e.g. how to manage P2P users so they do not damage the experience for the majority of mobile broadband users).
  • LTE-Advanced: key benefits, trials experience, commercial readiness
  • Technology options for rural mobile broadband coverage



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