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Thank you for making the LTE Forum 2011 in Stockholm such a huge success. LTE Forum 2011 this year also will take place in Vienna and Lisbon and we are looking forward to welcoming you again. Very soon we will publish new information on these events but also please feel free to contact us at in case you are interested in Speaking and/or Sponsoring opportunities


About the Event

The LTE Forum 2011 will help operators to identify the evolutionary steps to 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), to understand the drivers for migrating, and to determine what they need to be doing now to ensure their network remains competitive.

Presentations from mobile operators and other industry experts will help delegates to understand why, when and how to migrate to 4G LTE, and what they should be doing now to ensure their networks remain competitive into the future.

Some reasons why delegates will join the LTE Forum 2011

 * Understand the status of LTE standardization and assessing the timescales for mass market.

  * Developing mobile broadband services that exploit high data rates of HSPA.

  * Evaluating the growth in mobile computing and the opportunities for LTE.

  * Defining the business case for LTE and evaluate its importance for operators.

  * Determining the migration strategies to LTE to ensure a seamless service delivery (LTE1800, HSPA+, Digital Dividend Spectrum).



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