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Polsat News from 21.10.2011

About the Event

LTE Forum 2011 in Warsaw, Poland, will bring key practical learnings and insights from the industry pioneers and leading practitioners to provide the guidance and answers you need on the key questions.

Aero2 and Cyfrowy Polsat have rolled out both, the LTE infrastructure plus a well structured model of services for the mobile users to guarantee business value. Co-operation between the companies brings out potentially the best business model between infrastructure and retail companies, explaining how to build the value chain between the technology provider and the customer.

Some reasons why delegates will join the LTE Forum 2011

  • Understanding the key drivers and how to choose exactly the right time to introduce LTE into the network
  • How to balance future LTE and HSPA/HSPA+ investments
  • Inter-system handover LTE/3G strategies
  • Choosing the right frequency options for maximum efficiencies, capacity and coverage
  • Deciding on the optimum LTE deployment roll-out plan, migration strategies, infrastructure sharing
  • How and when voice and messaging services should be introduced on LTE systems
  • Availability of user devices to support LTE services introduction and growth
  • Data offload strategies
  • Business models to leverage the key benefits of LTE
  • Monetising mobile broadband through services and applications ("The Aero2/Cyfrowy Polsat Model")
  • Strategies and business models for global roaming
  • Understanding what LTE-Advanced brings and when
  • Best user experience: 2.6 GHz, digital dividend (800 MHz), re-farmed bands including 1800 and 900 MHz


“LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever. The number of operators investing in LTE has increased 98% since June 2010, while the number of firm deployment commitments has more than doubled (107%) in the same period. We have again raised our market outlook and forecast at least 91 LTE networks will be in commercial service by end 2012.”

(Alan Hadden, President of the GSA - Global mobile Suppliers Association, July 2011)


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