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About the Event

LTE is entering a new phase as a mainstream technology which ensures the best user experience of mobile broadband services by meeting future demand for data driven by the fast-growing penetration of smartphones and connected tablets, and satisfying the appetite for consumer and professional video and messaging services. 

LTE Forum 2013 will demonstrate how LTE technology has matured to become the essential evolution path for all mobile operators to follow - incumbents and newcomers alike, to remain competitive by choosing the best system for innovation and revenue growth in connected markets.

While the majority of LTE deployments use FDD mode, around 10% of commercial systems utilise TDD and this is a global trend which is expected to accelerate.

An evolution of LTE technology is already underway as new innovations and enhancements target achieving more efficiencies and performance gains.

LTE Forum 2013 will confirm the current capabilities of LTE and explain the benefits which arise from evolution, by addressing:

  • LTE deployments in new and re-farmed frequency bands.
  • How the TDD mode can contribute to deployment strategies.
  • Traffic offload strategies and solutions.
  • Small cell strategies and challenges.
  • Policy management and control, and new business models to monetize LTE mobile broadband.
  • Leveraging the Cloud for mobile enterprise and consumer users.
  • The status of the LTE user devices ecosystem and future developments.
  • Understanding gains when deploying LTE-Advanced.
  • Enabling HD voice on LTE systems and richer communications services.
  • Profitable M2M services.

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