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In times of great economic uncertainty, the challenge is to invest in the right networks and then maximize the profits from them. However, high levels of competition in many countries and the high capex needed for FTTH mean that making the right investment decisions are more important than ever. Not only do you need the right compromise between fibre through to mobile, but you must understand the revenues and margins the network can deliver in the face of the challenge of over the top content and falling ARPU’s.

This conference will take a pragmatic approach to what works and what doesn’t, highlighting experience and learning from successful operations and asking the hard questions rather than believing everything will be fine.

The conference will cover important issues including:

  • The real potential for dsl acceleration and the impact on strategic choices
  • The business case - how to get the right balance between ftth, fttx, adsl and mobile services
  • Making money from content - the two sided business model - challenges and potential
  • Understanding the funding mechanisms for new networks
  • Why there is plenty of finance available but projects are not able to access it

In addition, panel and interactive sessions will look at the challenges in the industry and how they can be faced.

The conference will be an excellent opportunity to network with fellow professionals, learn best practice and educate yourself about upcoming trends.


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